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in sandgem cityin front of the rowans lab which is on Pokemon hospital's left

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Q: Where is professor rowan's assistant on Pokemon diamond?
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Where does the profesor's assistant give you the upgrade for the pokedex in Pokemon diamond?

he gives it to you in prof. rowans lab. for this you have to complete sinnoh pokedex(excluding event pokemon).

On Pokemon Diamond the profeser wont show up and you need the natinal pokdex?

you need to finish the sinnoh pokedex then go to professor Rowans lab and professor Oak will give you it

How do you get the experience share?

you will get the experience share when you go into Eterna City, professor Rowans assistant gives it to you.

How can you obtain pokegear on Pokemon diamond?

You have to see (NOT CATCH) every pokemon in sinnoh. Then go to professor Rowans lab he'll say wow i can't belive you seen every pokemon etc.. then professor oak will come and give you the app. (i still need arceus)

How do you get the other pokedex on Pokemon diamond?

First you have to complete your first one (sinnoh dex) by seeing all the Pokemon in sinnoh. Next go to professor Rowans house and show him your pokedex.Then professor Oak will come and after a long chat he will give you the national pokedex.

Who gives you the national dex in Pokemon diamond?

professor oak gives you the national dex in rowans lab. after you finish the pokemon legue you talk to professor rowan then oak comes to you and gives you a national dex but only if you finish the first pokedex. if you haven't finished the first dex you need to go and finish it. then go back to professor rowans lab and oak will be stood outside or inside and he will hand you the national dex.

How do you get the national pokedex on Pokemon diamond or pearl?

See all Pokemon and beat the league then go to proffecer oak in proffecer rowans lab.

In Pokemon were do you get the chaining app for your poketch in Pokemon diamond?

after you've completed sinnoh dex+Pokemon league,you talk to dawn who should beoutside professor rowans might have to talk to her more than is not called chaining app,its called poke radar,hope it helps!!!! ^_^

What is the Pokemon finder in Pokemon platinum because when you always do it it keeps the level but not the Pokemon?

You need to complete your Sinnoh pokedex before you get the poke finder, once you complete it go to professor Rowans lab and talk to him

When does Professor Oak appear in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl and where?

after you see every Pokemon in your game(you can see opposite legendary in celestic town, long house in the back) go to rowans lab and talk to rowan then oak will come. then he will leave and go to pal park then leave to eterna(small house by cycling road

How do you enable the national dex in pokemonplatinum?

You have to see every Pokemon in sinnoh and then go to professor rowans lab and then he will congratulate you. Then professor Oak comes in and gives you the national pokedex also letting you go to pal park

Where is professessor rowans lab in Pokemon diamond?

his lab is in Sandgem down. (on the left side.) just a short distance away from twinleaf town to the north-east)