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in the lab on the way out there our these two people

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Q: Where are rowans assistants in Pokemon pearl?
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Where to get rowans letter in Pokemon Pearl?

From the game freak guy in between Pastoria and Veilstone.

How do you get the national pokedex on Pokemon diamond or pearl?

See all Pokemon and beat the league then go to proffecer oak in proffecer rowans lab.

How do you get a expshare in Pokemon Pearl?

"Your next destination is Hearthome City, which is due south of Eterna City via the Cycling Road. On the way out of town youll run into on of Prof. Rowans assistants, who will check your progerss and reward your continued efforts with the Exp. Share item (if you've seen 35 or more pokemon)." - Page 65 of Pokemon Pearl/Diamond Guide. So, go to Eterna City, and go down and through the Building at the bottom of the city (leads to Route 206), and if Prof. Rowans Assistant doesnt give you it, then im not sure. Im just showing what the guide says.

Where do you get exp share Pokemon Diamond?

In Pokemon Diamond, you can get the exp. share from Rowans Aide.

Can a Pokemon with the ability of pickup find a rare candy?

YesFireRed & LeafGreen- Sliph Co. Floor 2 Ruby & Sapphire- your house next to ur momDiamond & Pearl- Rowans LabThat's what i know

When was The Rowans - album - created?

The Rowans - album - was created in 1975-05.

How can you get a diamend in Pokemon pearl?

you cant get a diamond on Pokemon pearl but you can get a pearl on diammond ...and pearl.

How do you get national dex with 151 Pokemon in pearl?

Rowans lab after you have filled up normal pokedex, prof oak will give it to you to you but if you use the AR like me when u get 151 Pokemon and u go and try to talk to rowan he just sais go on and enjoy your edventure or sumtin like that....

Where does the profesor's assistant give you the upgrade for the pokedex in Pokemon diamond?

he gives it to you in prof. rowans lab. for this you have to complete sinnoh pokedex(excluding event pokemon).

How do you get national pokedex in pokemon platium?

all you have to do is see every Pokemon in the sinoh dex then you go to prof rowans lab and he will give you your national dex

Where do you find prof oak in pearl after meeting him at prof rowans lab?

you find him in eternea city near the bike road in a small house.

Barboach on Pokemon Pearl?

Yes, you can get it on Pokemon Pearl.

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