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I DONT KNOW! im getting really frustrated because of it, so i need help!

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Q: Where is galactic grunt in the great marsh in Pokemon pearl?
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Where is Galactic Grunt in the Marsh in Pokemon Pearl?

some where

The fifth badge for Pokemon diamond?

go pastoria city go to the great marsh talk to the galactic grunt right in front of it keep following him

How do you get the galactic grunt outside the great marsh to talk to you?

Your game must be faulty, or your just not talking to him!

Where is team galatic grunt in the great marsh in Pokemon diamond nds?

The Team Galactic Grunt is not in the Great Marsh, he is directly outside of the entrance building. Talk to him after you have 4 Badges and he'll run off. Chase him and keep on chasing him until he battles you then he'll run off, keep on following the path until Cynthia stops you.

How do you get past galactic grunt that has no Pokemon on Pokemon diamond?

you have to get the 4th gym badge hm05 defog(first person to the right in the great marsh) and than in addition have 4 total gym badges good luck and have fun=-)

How do you move the grunt near the great marsh?

Go and talk to the great Pokemon master in jubilife city.

What if when you talk to the team galactic grunt in front of the great marsh observatory and he doesnt run?

your game is gliched or you havent finished the things to get him active

Where is the fifth gym leaden on Pokemon pearl?

The 5th Gym Leader in Pearl is Fantina, she's in Hearthome City however make sure you've taken care of the Team Galactic Grunt who was by the Great Marsh Safari Zone entrance.

Where to find Cynthia in pokemon dimond?

You have to go to Pastoria City & talk to the Galactic Grunt by the Great Marsh (Safari Zone). Then go to Lake Verity; next to Sandgem Town where Cynthia will come & battle the Galactic Grunts. After you fight the Boss she will give you the secret potion, & then she will give you something to give to her grandmother in Celestic Town.

How do you get the spyduck to move to get to calestic town on Pokemon platnium?

Go to Pastoria city, and by the Great Marsh entrance you should see a galactic grunt. Keep chasing him until he stops and fights you. After you beat him, Cynthia will come and give you a secret potion. If you use it on the Psyduck, they will move.

Where to go after you beat the pastoria gym leader in Pokemon diamond?

Talk to a team galactic grunt (near great marsh) and he takes off running follow him and he will lead you to a lake. at that lake they wont let you in and cynthiawill tell you to go to celestic town to deliver something

How do you get the secret potion in Pokemon Platinum?

After you beat Crasher Wake in Pastoria City, a Galactic Grunt will have set off a bomb Once you meet your friend outside, Crasher Wake will run outside.Run up to the Great Marsh and talk to Wake.While your friend will guard the Marsh, You follow the Grunt until he tires out and battles you.If you beat him, he will run away.Cynthia comes out and after a talk,she gives you the secret potion and a charm to give to her grandmother.