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Talk to a team galactic grunt (near great marsh) and he takes off running follow him and he will lead you to a lake. at that lake they wont let you in and cynthiawill tell you to go to celestic town to deliver something

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Q: Where to go after you beat the pastoria gym leader in Pokemon diamond?
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Where do you go after you beat the third gym leader in Pokemon Diamond?

After beating the third Gym Leader (Maylene the Veilstone Gym Leader) in Pokémon Diamond, you then head to Pastoria City to battle the Gym Leader there who is named Crasher Wake.

The gym leader at in celestic town on Pokemon diamond?

Actually there is no gym leader in celestic town. After you beat pastoria gym go to hearthome city.

How do you make the Psyducks feel better on Pokemon diamond?

a trainer named cynthyia will give you an antidote after you beat pastoria's gym leader: Crasher Wake.

Where do you find Fantina on Pokemon Diamond?

She is the 5th, gym leader, you have to beat pastoria gym first the vielstone! then go back to harthome city and you can find her in her gym

How do you get the fourth gym badge in pokemon diamond?

beat crasher wake in pastoria city

What kind of Pokemon should be used to beat the pastoria gym leader in Pokemon platinum?

grass types

Where do you get HM 05 in Pokemon diamond?

first u have beat pastoria's gym leader then wake into the great marsh will find a person on the right he will give you hm 5 (defog)

How do you get surf so you can get a bike on Pokemon platinum?

you have to beat the water gym leader which is in pastoria city

Pokemon diamond how to get the eighth badge?

beat the #?*@! gym leader

What do you do after you beat the 5th gym leader on Pokemon diamond?

what did you say

Where is the gym leader for hearthome city on Pokemon pearl?

in her gym u have 2 beat veilstone & pastoria 1st

Where does the team galactic guy go in Pokemon diamond after you beat your rival in pastoria city?

keep on going east and follow him