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First of all, its Fantina. second, you have to go to hearthome city after you beat crasher wake in pastoria city. she will have a mismagius, a drifblim, and a gengar. lvs between 25 to 37

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Q: Where is Fantina the 5th gym leader in Pokemon Diamond?
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How do you get a ganger in Pokemon diamond?

If you mean Gengar (Fantina the 5th gym leader has one ) You have to evovle Haunter by trading it.

Who is the 5th gym leader on pokemon platnum?


Witch city in Sinnoh do you find the fifth Gym Leader in in Pokemon Diamond Version?

Hearthome City has the 5th Gym Leader. The 5th leader is Fantina and she uses Ghost-type Pokémon.

What city is fantina in Pokemon pearl?

Fantina is the 5th gym Leader in Hearthome the Ghost type gym.

On Pokemon diamond where do you go after you get the the 4th badge?

THE 5TH GYM LEADER IS IN HEARTHOME CITY. HER NAME IS FANTINA.You must return to Hearthome, where Fantina will be there to accept your challenge for the 5th badge.

Where do you find Fantina on Pokemon Diamond?

She is the 5th, gym leader, you have to beat pastoria gym first the vielstone! then go back to harthome city and you can find her in her gym

What city do you find the fifth gym in pokemon diamond?

the 5th Gym leader is Fantina. She uses ghost type pokemon. And if you look at the sign in front of the gym she is called the "Soulfull Dancer."

Where do you find fifth Gym Leader in Pokemon Diamond?

The 5th Gym leaader IS Fantina The harthoem gym leader She may not be there the first time you go you have to so a certin event before you can baddle her

Where is the gym leader for 5th gym at in Pokemon Diamond?

In hearthome city, the gym that fantina that you could not get to before. It´s a ghost type gym and when you beat it you can use surf.

Where is Fantina in Pokemon Diamond?

She is the 5th gym leader and you can find her .......................................IN HER GYM!!!!! she owns 3 Pokemon and they are 1.drifblim2.mismagius 3.gengar, and their levels are in between 35-38 Hope it helps

5th gym leader Pokemon Diamond?

Fantina. She is located in Hearthome City. She specializes in Ghost-types. You first have to find her by the Hearthome City Contest hall. Her Gym has various levels. Fantina's room is located on the fifth level. The Pokemon she uses are Drifblim, Mismagius and Gengar. After you defeat Fantina she sometimes appears in Master Rank Super Contests, competing with her Drifblim

What do you do after you beat the 5th gym leader on Pokemon diamond?

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