Where is digletts cave?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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its by vermilon city just walk to the right there should be a cave.

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Diglette's Cave is located in Vermilion City, Kanto Region and leads to Pewter City, Kanto Region. You can always check your PokeGear to see where it is.

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Q: Where is digletts cave?
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Where is digletts cave on HeartGold?

Digletts Cave is in Vermillion city although you have to go to Lavender Town to have your pokegear updated to have the poke flute music put on it.

Where can you find a diglett in Pokemon Crystal?

In digletts cave

Is digletts cave in johto?

No, diglett's cave is just west of vermilion city in kanto.

Where do you find rock incence in Pokemon HeartGold?

Digletts Cave.

Why is there odd music in digletts cave in soul silver?

To make it seam scary!

How do you get viridian city in soul silver?

you have to get the poke flute on you pokegear and wake up snorlax at digletts cave and go through digletts cave and then go on route 2 and keep on walking down route two and you'll be there

How do you get Brock's Number in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver?

what you do to get Brocks number is... go to Pewter city, then Digletts cave, you should see Brock near the entrance, and then talk to him.between noon-3 p.m. hes in digletts cave (by his town)

Where is the shortcut to pewter city without passing by the digletts cave?

sorry,but going thrugh digglet's cave is the only way

How do you get from Cerulean City to Pewter City in Heartgold?

you have to wake up a snorlax at digletts cave

How do you get brock to come out of digletts cave?

Some Gym Leaders leave their Gym periodically, as a time to gain their Phone Number after you have beaten them. Brock goes to Digletts Cave everyday from 12PM to 3PM, so try challenging him at a time other than those.

Where Digletts cave?

Diglett's Cave is located to the east of Vermilion City. You can also get there by going south of Pewter City and using Cut on the tree.

Where do you catch a chansey in soul silver?

in the kanto region near digletts cave in the grass near the girl