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Digletts are the only Pokemon in Diglett's cave but they appear so often that when you take your first step into the cave that there is a 7 out of nine chance a Diglett will appear

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Q: What Pokemon are in diglett's cave in FireRed?
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Where is digletts tunnel in Pokemon FireRed?

It is near vermilon.

Where can you find a diglett in Pokemon Crystal?

In digletts cave

Where do you find rock incence in Pokemon HeartGold?

Digletts Cave.

Where is the solar cave in Pokemon FireRed?

Firered don't have a "solar cave"

How do you get the sleeping Pokemon out of the way on the digletts cave in Pokemon heartgold?

play the Pokemon tune thingy on the radio on your pokegear

Where do you get Flash in FireRed?

How to get flash in pokemon fire-red!1. Go to Viridian City.2. Find Digletts Cave.(If you already have a Diglett, it would be a good idea to buy 2 repels.)3. Make your way through Digletts Cave.4. You will find yourself in route 2.5. Go south, you will find a small tree, cutit.6. Go to the building you will find south.7. Talk to Oaks Aide, he will reward you with Flash if you have caught 10 pokemon.8. Make your way back through Digletts Cave and teach Flash to a pokemon.WALAH

How do you get Brock's Number in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver?

what you do to get Brocks number is... go to Pewter city, then Digletts cave, you should see Brock near the entrance, and then talk to him.between noon-3 p.m. hes in digletts cave (by his town)

Where do you get a powerful Pokemon on Pokemon FireRed?

You can get Mewtwo in the Cerulean Cave.

How do you get into sliver cave Pokemon FireRed?

You can't

How do you get a grondon in Pokemon FireRed?

in the land cave.

How do you get in the cave in pokemon firered?

bartonvilleType your answer here...

Where is houndor in Pokemon FireRed?

altering cave,