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after you beat the elite 4 walk inside to your house and elm will call you. then just go talk to him he will give you the S.S ticket. go on the ferry and then you will land in the town where the third gym badge is!

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Q: Where is cerulean city in Pokemon Gold?
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Where do you find cerulean city in Pokemon gold?

It's in Kanto region.

Where is Misty in Pokemon Heart Gold?

in cerulean city in the gym idiots

How do you located lifeguard tower in cerulean city in Pokemon gold?

theres no lifeguard tower in cerulean city. i think you mean the lighthouse in olivine city .

Where is the power plant thief in Pokemon Gold?

Not Heartgold right? But the old Pokemon Gold? The thief is in the gym in Cerulean City.

Where is bill's grandad in Pokemon Gold?

north of misty's gym in cerulean city

There a gym in lavender town in Pokemon heart gold?

Gym 2 is Cerulean City, and the Gym Leader is Misty ("The Waterflowers of Cerulean City" is the Pokemon episode with Misty and her three sisters). To get to Cerulean City, you need to go through Mount Moon.

Where is the cape in Pokemon Heart Gold?

above cerulean city! were bills old house is.

How do you get to cerulean city in Pokemon shiny gold?

probably same as gold and silver or just wait til it comes out

Pokemon heart gold team rocket man in cerulean city were do you find them next?

You can't find team rocket anymore after the one grunt in Cerulean city.

Where is Suicune right before it goes to cerulean city in Pokemon heart gold?

get a life dude

Where to find Suicune in vermillion city on Pokemon gold?

Beat misty then go to cerulean cape

On Pokemon HeartGold where's Route 24?

In Pokemon Heart Gold Route 24 Is In Kanto Around Cerulean City