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You can't find team rocket anymore after the one grunt in Cerulean city.

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Q: Pokemon heart gold team rocket man in cerulean city were do you find them next?
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What do you do after team rocket in cerulean city?

In Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver, after you defeat the rocket grunt, return the piece back to the Power Plant. Then, you will receive a TM, and then you can finally battle Misty at the Cerulean Gym.

Where do you find the team rocket guy at cerulean city Pokemon heartgold?

The Team Rocket Guy dashes off to the Cerulean Bridge. He then goes north of the bridge and a little to the left, and is also in a house towards the west side of Cerulean City. His final spot is in the Cerulean City gym, where he hides the machine part.

Where is Misty in Pokemon Heart Gold?

in cerulean city in the gym idiots

When does team rocket come to cerulean city in Pokemon crystal?

after you talk to the director at the power plant.... then go to cerulean gym you will find the team rocker there

Where do you find the shady character Pokemon gold?

I've played Crystal and the official Heart Gold and if my speculations are correct, the shady character(Rocket goon) should be in the Cerulean City gym.

There a gym in lavender town in Pokemon heart gold?

Gym 2 is Cerulean City, and the Gym Leader is Misty ("The Waterflowers of Cerulean City" is the Pokemon episode with Misty and her three sisters). To get to Cerulean City, you need to go through Mount Moon.

Where is the team rocket grunt that took tho piece of the power pland in heart gold?

Cerulean City Gym

Where is the cape in Pokemon Heart Gold?

above cerulean city! were bills old house is.

Where is Suicune right before it goes to cerulean city in Pokemon heart gold?

get a life dude

On Pokemon HeartGold where's Route 24?

In Pokemon Heart Gold Route 24 Is In Kanto Around Cerulean City

In Pokemon Heart Gold how do you get to where the gym leader of Cerulean city?

beat the elite four and then you can go to the kanto region and you have to beat Brock, then get though Mount Moon to get to Cerulean city

Where does the team rocket person run after you find him in cerulean city heart gold?

in a ring in the gym you'll find a thing that helps