Where is Groudon after you defeat Maxie?

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In emerald find out in ruby orgin cave.

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Q: Where is Groudon after you defeat Maxie?
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How do you wake Groudon in ruby?

after you beat maxie some how the blue orb shines and it will spread and hit groudon

Pokemon emerald what do you do after u press a on maxie he wakes Groudon and Groudon goes somewhere and then u battle Maxie then u win and he says hes going 2 follow Groudon?

First, go to the Slateport City Harbor, north of the Pokemon Center. Team Aqua will steal a submarine. Second, defeat Team Aqua in their base. Then you can go to Mossdeep City and challenge Tate and Liza.

Where is team magma's submarine on Pokemon ruby?

in the cave where maxie somons Groudon

How do you find Groudon in Pokemon ruby?

after you find the underwater cavern and defeat Maxie, he is in the cave of origin in sootopolis.Get lots of ultra balls because you'll want to save your master ball for latios.

How do you stop team magma and team aqua from fighting?

you have to get groudon then follow maxie and Archie

What do you do in team magmas hideout in emerald?

You r suppose to find groudon and battle maxie

How do you get in the cable car if the grunts are in the way?

you have to go in the cave on the other side of the cable car next to that man. then go in and balttle some grunts and eventually you stop maxie after battling him groudon leaves and so does maxie go catch groudon!!!

How To Get Groudon On Pokemon Ruby?

to get groudon on ruby first when maxie get the red orb he will go to the slateport city he will get the submarine from capt.stern then he will go to there hideouts in the cave near lilycove city when you beat the magma admin tabatha maxie will go to the seafloor cavern in underwater near the mossdeep city you need a dive to get to underwater when you see groudon there maxie will appear he will battle you his Pokemon are mightyena crobat and camerupt when you beat him the red orb will suddenly glowing groudon fled and groudon will go to sootopolis town then groudon is in the cave of origin groudon is lv45 you need a 25 ultra ball and buy a 5 timer ball timer is best when you had use 20 ultra ball on groudon and then you catch groudon.

How do you get into the sootopolis city gym in ruby?

You have to find Maxie and team magma in a cave between sootopolis and mossdeep. You will have to beet Maxie he awakens groudon with the blue orb he stole from mount pyre, groudon will leave. go to sootopolis and try to go the cave of origin. get to the bottom. And either kill or catch Groudon. then you can get into the gym

In Pokemon ruby where would you find maxie and Groudon?

To get to maxie and groudon, first BUY AN ESCAPE ROPE, YOU WILL NEED IT,Go to the jagged path, you should have picked up an magma emblem from the old couple on top of the mountain (im thinking Coronet but it may be incorrect, I've been playing pearl lately) start at the top or have an acro bike when you get to an open area the ground will rumble and a door will open ahead of you, go in this door, wind through the magma hideout, and reach the end where you will see maxie and groudon, battle, and defeat them , use the escape rope, and go to SootopolisNote: this may be for emerald because i have never played Ruby

How do youp get Groudon on Pokemon Diamond?

Defeat Red in SoulSilver and catch Groudon in the Embedded Tower. Groudon can also be caught in Ruby, but that Groudon is worthless.

When does kyogre come to fight Groudon?

In emerald, when you get to Sootopolis (however you spell it) city, where you get your 8th badge, but it's after you find the underground cavern and defeat maxie or archie, i dont remember which, Steven will show up and tell you to meet him in Sootopolis. Then, when you get there, you'll see Kyogre and Groudon in the center of the city fighting. This only happens on Emerald.

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