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Once you defeat Groudon, you can't battle him again. It's either you catch him the first time or don't.

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2010-07-04 22:40:06
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Q: How do you get Groudon back after acsedently killing him?
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How do you spell acsedently?

The word meaning "by chance" is spelt accidentally.

How does Groudon come back to life?

It will not come back to life.

If you kill Groudon in emerald will he still come back?


How do you get Groudon back after you accidentally released it?

You cannot. Sorry.

How do you get Rayquaza in Pokemon soul silver and you already have both Groudon and Kyogre?

you go back to the cave where you caught groudon/kyorge

How do you get Groudon back after releasing it and saving in emerald?

You cant, sorry.

How do you make agirl wet?

ask her if she want a cup or bottle of water n acsedently spill it on her.

How do you get a Groudon on Pokemon Ruby if you did no t the first time?

If you skipped up Groudon, you're screwed, he doesn't come back. Sorry :/

Where is team magma's hideout's leader?

in the far back of the hide out where groudon is located once you walk over to groudon he'll come he'll battle you, and groudon will awaken then run away. -I hope this helped =]

If you kill Groudon in soul silver does he ever come back?

not a chance

Can you catch Groudon in Pokemon platinum?

after catching heatran, go back to stark mountain and you will see groudon in the lava and when you go up to the lava groudon will come to you like he does in R/S/E and the battle will start.

Do you only get to battle Groudon once in soul silver?

There is a possibility that you can battle Groudon "more than once". If you save the game just before you battle Groudon, you can continually shut off the game and turn it back on for (technically) more than one chance to capture or defeat Groudon.

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