What do you do with magma emblem?

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i don't know but i remember that you can access the Magma Cave/Hideout in order to battle Maxie / or even not. I think after you defeat Maxie, it is closed. But i Already Finished Pokemon Emerald..

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Q: What do you do with magma emblem?
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What is the magma emblem used for?

The Magma Emblem is used for getting into Team Magma's base in Pokemon Emerald Version.

Why isn't the old lady giving you the magma emblem in Pokemon ruby?

You do not need and you cannot get the Magma Emblem in Pokemon Ruby. The Magma Emblem is a story item exclusive to Pokemon Emerald.

On Pokemon sapphire version what do you do with the magma emblem?

go to magma hide out

How do you get the Magma Emblem on Pokemon Sapphire?


Where is team magma grunt hideaut?

it is in the jagged pass in the rock face three levels from the end but you need the magma emblem to get in though to get the magma emblem you go to mt. pyre go to the top and team aqua should be there beat them they will take the red orb and you talk to the lady and she gives you the magma emblem

How do you get a magma emblem when you have the red orb on ruby?


What do you do after the leaders of team aqua and magma take the orbs?

If you are playing Pokemon Emerald, talk to the Old Lady at the top of Mt. Pyre and she'll give you the Magma Emblem. Take the Magma Emblem to Jagged Pass, south of Mt. Chimney, then find the door with the fire symbol on it. The Magma Emblem will activated the door and the entrance will open for you to go into Team Magma's Hideout.

How do you enter team magmas hideout?

In Emerald, an old lady in Mt. Pyre will give you Magma Emblem. After you got it, go to Judged Pass. If you bring the Magma Emblem, the Magma Hideout will appear in Judged Pass.

How do you open magma cave hideout?

You get the magma emblem from mt.pyre and after you have beaten all team aquas the old lady should give you a magma emblem. After that go to the lift and go down all the ditches and it should open.

How do you get in team magma base?

first you have to have team magma's emblem then go to where a team magma grunt was standing then a cave will open up: )

Where is team magma's symbol?

If you are saying the emblem, it is on Mt Pyre.

Where do you get the team magma emblem on Pokemon sappphire?

From The lady inMT.PYRE

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