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the kimono girls will appear in the dance hall in ecruteak city once you get the gym badge for blackthorn city

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Q: Where in ecruteak city can you find the kimono girls?
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Were do you find the kimono girls in Pokemon SoulSilver?

In the Ecruteak city theater.

Where are the kimono girls in ecruteak in Pokemon heart gold?

the kimono girls are located in ecruteak in the dance studioYou can find them all over Johto!

Where do you find the kamino girls in ecrutek city in soul soulver?

In Ecruteak City, the Kimono girls are located in the building directly north of the Pokemon Center.

What town are the Kimono girls in Pokemon Silver?

In ecruteak city to find them find a house saying ecruteak dance theater then go inside and talk to the man in the hat then battle the kimono girls when have defeated all of them talk to the man again and he will give you HM03 surf

Where can you find the 5 kimono girls in crystal pokemon?

They are in Ecruteak City in the Dance Theatre. That'll be like in one of the regular houses on the outside.

Where is the dance hall on Pokemon HeartGold?

Ecruteak City Its Looks Like A Temple Thing And Next To The PokeMart

Where do you find hm surf in Pokemon heartgold?

You can obtain surf after defeating all of the Kimono girls in Ecruteak City. A man in the audience will be so impressed with your performance against the girls' Pokemon that he will give you Surf.

Where to find kimono girls in heartgold?

Violet City, Illex Forest, Underground Tunnel, Ice Path, and Ecruteak Dance Theater. They will all eventually meet at the Dance Theater

Where do you find the move surf in poke'mon soulsilver?

in ecruteak city after saving the kimono girl a dude gives the HM to you

How do you get Lugia to appear once you have the silver wing?

defeat the 5 kimono girls in the dance theatre in ecruteak city they give you a bell go to the whirl island (there are 4 or 5 i think so make sure you find the right cave) get through the cave and the kimono girls will be there there is a little scene then you battle lugia.

How do you get past Lyra to the Pokemon league in Pokemon soul silver?

Well you need to go to the kimono girls in Ecruteak city and battle them then you have to go to whirl islands and find the kimono girls there again and awake lugia and then when youve caught it or KO'ed it or whatever then you can cross the water from new bark town to the pokemon leage :)

Where do you find the kimmono girls in Pokemon soulsilver?

Inside a building in Ecruteak City.