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back to sinnoh

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Q: Where does Cynthia go after you beat her in Pokemon white?
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What happens after you beat champion Cynthia?

you go to the hall of fame and all the Pokemon in your party get a ribbon that proves you beat Cynthia after that there is a long credit roll

After you beat Cynthia in Pokemon pearl when you go up the elavator what is over there?

there is the place that records your Pokemon for the hall of fame

Can you battle Cynthia on Pokemon Diamond?

You eventually have to beat her. She is the champion to the elite 4. So after you beat them you beat her, become a champion, and your Pokemon go into the hall of fame. So choose your favorite Pokemon!

Where do you go specificaly after you beat cirius in Pokemon platinum?

you see yourself go with Cynthia go in to a house and then she comes out with a kid. you no what they did!

How do you get to the off-limits bit in the trophy garden in Pokemon diamond?

you have to beat the league and Cynthia then u can go to it

Who is Cynthia on pokemon diamond?

Cynthia is the last person you battle in the Elite 4. After you beat her you beat the game. But you still haven't completely finished it you still have to go travel with your pokedex. Hope i helped.

Where do you go after you beat Roxie in Pokemon white 2?

After you beat Clay in Pokemon Black and White,he said that you have to go to Route 6 and into Chargestone Cave.

How do you pass the Galactic Grunt with no Pokemon at Mt. Coronet's entrance?

Beat Cynthia and get the National Pokedex. When you go there he will be gone.

How do you battle Cynthia in Pokemon white?

Go to Undella Town and go up the steps to your left and go in the first house and talk to Cynthia. You have to have all 8 badges to challenge her. BE CAREFUL SHE IS STRONG!

When can you go to lacunosa town in Pokemon white?

Beat the pokemon league but they are the hardest to beat in the hole game hope I helpd

Where does looker go after you beat Pokemon white?

He basically leaves the region.

How do you get the HM dive on Pokemon white?

go to undella town and talk to the girl in front of sexy cynthia's house