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go to pastoria and beat the gym leader there.(you have to beat veilstone first)chase the galactic guy to lake valor and beat him. Cynthia will give you medicine to cure the psyduck and go to celestic town.

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Q: How do you get past the Psyduck on Pokemon platinum?
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How do you teach a Psyduck Fly in Pokemon Platinum?

It can't fly

In Pokemon platinum what do i do to make Psyduck evolve?

just raise it to level 33

What is the secret potion on Pokemon platinum?

The SecretPotion gets rid of the Psyduck on Route 210.

What level does Psyduck evolve in Pokemon platinum?

As far as i know it evolves into Golduck at lvl 33

How do you find a shiny Psyduck in Pokemon platinum?

Just keep killing them in a row and sometime it will apear.

How do you evolve Psyduck in Pokemon Crater?

um whats Pokemon crater oh well on platinum u give PSYDUCK a WATER STONE and it will evolve into GOLDUCK OK so try that on CRATER

What Pokemon does roark have in Platinum?

Roark Has... Geodude, Onix, Cranidos Weak to: Grass, and Water DO NOT bring Chimchar, if you do, get a Psyduck by running around that patch of grass behind that triner with a Psyduck

What Pokemon can breed with psyduck on ruby?

Psyduck can breed with psyduck, I think

How do you get past the flock of Psyduck in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Read this

How do you make the Psyduck move from Route 210 in Pokemon Platinum?

After the explosion at the Great Marsh, follow the Cyrus and beat him. Then Cynthia will give you the SecretPotion, which makes the Psyduck's heads feel better and makes them move.

Pokemon platinum what level does pysduck evolve?

Psyduck evolves at a level 33 in Pokemon Platium an Pokemon Dimond and Pokemon Pearl.And in sapphire and Ruby and emrald.And dont forget leaf green and ruby.

Why are Keckleon are blocking the way in Pokemon platinum?

you need to get a secret potion to cure the kcklon just like in damond and pearl ecxpect psyduck