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you go to the hall of fame and all the Pokemon in your party get a ribbon that proves you beat Cynthia after that there is a long credit roll

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Q: What happens after you beat champion Cynthia?
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How do you get to cynthia in platinum?

Beat the pokemon league Cynthia is the champion

How do you national dex diamond?

Beat the Champion Cynthia

What town is Cynthia in when you get the secret potion in Pokemon pearl?

Cynthia is the Champion so you will see her when you beat the Elite Four

How do you complete the league on Pokemon pearl?

beat the elite 4 then champion Cynthia

If im champion coz i beat Cynthia i should be able to buy master balls?


Can you battle Cynthia on Pokemon Diamond?

You eventually have to beat her. She is the champion to the elite 4. So after you beat them you beat her, become a champion, and your Pokemon go into the hall of fame. So choose your favorite Pokemon!

How do you beat Pokemon diamond Version?

You have to get all 7 Gym Badges, beat the Elite 4, and defeat the Champion, Cynthia.

Where do you beat Cynthia?

Champion Cynthia is in the Pokemon League after defeating the Elite Four. The Pokemon League is located after going through Victory Road.

Who is the Pokemon champion on Pokemon Diamond?

The Pokemon Champion is Cynthia

What happens next after you have beaten the elite four on Pokemon diamond?

You go on to battle the champion Cynthia.

When you lose to an elite do you need to beat the ones that you already beat?

Yes, you must start from the beginning of the Elite four even if you lose to the Champion, Cynthia.

Can you beat Pokemon Diamond?

It never ends, but to end the basic story you have to beat Aaron, Bertha, Flint, Lucian and Cynthia (Elite four and Champion).-