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Not until you beat her and become the champion. It might take a while though. Hope this helped!

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Q: When does Cynthia leave sendoff springs on Pokemon platinum?
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Where do you find sudowoodo in pokemon platinum?

sendoff springs

Where can you find duskull in Pokemon platinum?

in sendoff springs

Where is turnback cave on pokemon diamond?

In Sendoff Springs near Route 214

How do you get out of the Distortion world in Patinum?

You have to battle garitina and cynthia will lead you to sendoff springs use rock climb and you will get to spring path it will lead you to route 214

Where do you find chimecho in pokemon diamond?

Chimeco is a fourth generation Pokemon. In the game Pokemon Diamond it can be found in the wild in Sendoff Springs and at Mt. Coronet.

How do you solve the puzzle in Mount Cornered portal Pokemon Platinum?

It's long and hard to explain. This is a question you should not ask, because you cannot go back the way you came after you beat Giritina. Not even through Sendoff Springs.

Where do you see see wormadam in diamond?

near sendoff springs

Where is turn back cave platinum?

the turn back cave is in sendoff springs witch is beetween vielstone and the resort but you can only go there once you've caught giratina

How do you get solrock in Pokemon Diamond?

To get a solrock, First put a ruby in the gba slot.Then go to sendoff springs and go up with rock climb.Go to the LEFT and walk around.

Where is sendoff springs in pearl?

it is on route 214 but it only appears once you have the national pokedex

In Pokemon platinum where do you find Sudowoodo?

you dont but if you find a bonsly in the trophy garden then teach it mimic then train it will evolveroute 221sendoff springs

Where is sendoff springs?

the other side of lake near pastoria city, but you go up, then you see a man, there should be a path you follow it and you are there

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