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You go to cerulean cape to talk to misty then you go back to the gym and battle her

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Q: Where do you go after you fix the powerplant?
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How do you fix powerplant in silver?

you go to the powerplant talk to everyone there and go to cerulean city to fight the team rocket guy and go to the top left corner of the gym and go to the park and play outside and fight dragons and shoot at aliens

What do you do to go in Kanto radio tower?

You have to fix the powerplant generator, by catching the team rocket member with the missing piece. They will then let you in.

How can you fix powerplant in HeartGold?

You have to go back to cureleon and a team rocket guy has it but he keeps running away until you get to golden bridge and then he tells you that its in the gym.

Where is professorOks house in soul silver?

in pallet town go get the flute from lavander town radio station and fix the powerplant then wake up snorlax and go to diglet cave you will find him

What do you do after you fix the powerplant in Pokemon HeartGold?

You find the next generator and fix that one.

How do you get zapdose?

you go to the the powerplant east of cerreleun city

How do you fix the generator in the powerplant in Pokemon soulsilver?

you go to the gym in curelian city and you chase the team rocket grunt to the cape and battle him and he'l tell you where it isyou enter the power station

How do you catch Zapdos Pokemon FireRed?

go to the powerplant and go all the way to the end of the powerplant maze and zapdos will just be chillin at the end..good luck catching it

What do you do after you fix the generator in Pokemon Soul Silver?

The powerplant one? Well. go to Mystys gym top mid-left of the Gym you will find Machine part, bring it back to the plant and your good!

Where is zaptos in pokemon soulsilver?

go to the powerplant and he is outside.good luck

How do you get to the powerplant in soul silver?

Go to cerulean and head east.

How do you fix the powerplant in Pokemon SoulSilver?

go to the plant talk to everyone, then go in cerulean gym and when the grunt runs away he's going to be on nugget bridge, battle him, then go back to the gym and find the missing peice, and then go to return it. you'll get the TM for charge beam.