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The powerplant one? Well. go to Mystys gym top mid-left of the Gym you will find Machine part, bring it back to the plant and your good!

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Q: What do you do after you fix the generator in Pokemon Soul Silver?
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How do you fix Pokemon soul silver when it blacks out after few saves?

U will ave to have it replaced or repared

How can you fix the freezing problem on Pokemon Soul Silver?

If you need to fix a freezing problem on Pokémon Soul Silver, you are most likely playing an illegitimate copy. Use a legitimate copy for the best experience.

What do you fix the power plant with in Pokemon soul silver?

a courgette is something which is grown in france with cow dung.

What day does the Pokemon flute song play in soul silver?

what do you mean? there's no pokemon flute song. if you mean the poke flute, then there's no day that you hear it. you need to upgrade your pokegear at the radio tower in kanto's Lavender Town to get it (after you fix the Power Plant's generator) .

How do you fix the power plant in Pokemon heart gold and Pokemon soul silver?

you meet a team rocket member who hides the rotor in a ring

In Pokemon Soul Silver I didn't get the call that goldenrod is being taken over what do i do?

you don't get a call, eventually they will invade it and its your job to fix it!

How do you fixthe battery in the Pokemon Silver game?

U need to fix it at gamestop! But it costs a lot of money to fix your Pokemon silver game!

How do you fix the generator in the Mauville in Pokemon emerald?

Stand next to it, face it, then press a

Were is the pokeflute in Pokemon Soul Silver?

After you fix the power plant in Kanto you can get the Kanto radio card in Violet City. Then open your radio and position the tuner toward the top center of the dial until it says "pokeflute"

How do you get Misty and Erika to their gyms in Pokemon soul silver?

To get to Misty you have to go to the Power Plant and fix the thing up there. Then you go to Bill's grandga's house and if you go past his house you will find Misty and her boyfriend. And as for Erika she is already there.

In Pokemon soul silver how do you move the Snorlax from in front of the diglett cave?

Fix the power plant in kanto and get the kanto radio card from Violet city. Position the radio dial toward the top and it will say "pokeflute", that will wake snorlax.

How can I fix the English Soul Silver Rom so that it no longer freezes every 15-30 minutes?

it's illegal