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Go to the Cerulean City Gym!

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Q: What do you do after you fix the generator in HeartGold?
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What was stolen from the power plant in HeartGold?

a piece of the power planet's generator

Where is the generator piece in Pokemon HeartGold?

it is in misty's gym press a on the life savers

What do you do after you fix the powerplant in Pokemon HeartGold?

You find the next generator and fix that one.

How do you fix over speed in your guardian generator?

how do fix overspeed problem on genorater

Where can you find a phrase generator for Pokemon HeartGold?

In Violet City next to the PC in the Pokemon Center

How do you fix the generator in Pokemon HeartGold?

first you go to cerulean city gym. there is a team rocket grunt. he will run away. go farther into gym and run around where you find an inflate able tube. press "A" and you get the part. Then go to the power plant.

How do you fix Pokemon HeartGold?

How do you fix what part of heart-gold? Man, its getting annoying how unspecific people are these days.

Generator Parts?

form_title= Generator Parts form_header= Fix a broken generator with new parts. What parts do you need for your generator? *= _[50] How old is your generator?*= _[50] Do you have a warranty for your generator?*= () Yes () No Would you like the parts delivered?*= () Yes () No

Where do you get an expn card in HeartGold?

fix the power plant and then get it from the guy in the brown hat

What if you don't get the generator in HeartGold?

u don't get the TM zap cannon and you cant beat misty and finish the game

How do you find the generator from the powerplant in the gym in HeartGold?

It's hidden in the Cerulean Gym, in one of the inflatable life tubes.

Where does the team rocket guy hide the generator in Pokemon heartgold?

He hides the generator in the Cerulean Gym beside a swimming tube at the back of the gym (Around where misty would have been in the Gym)