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Idk about that but there are some pretty similar to those.....they are the "European Flare Shades" located in the "Glasses" section in the KinzStyle Outlet.....Hope this helps

^that is what the previous person said but that was no help so here is what you do: buy a specially marked webkinz product in real life, it will also come with a code which you unlock by entering it in online in the webkinz code shop after entering it it will show you the prize you won if the code is correct and the chances of it being shutter shades is just luck, well *GOOD LUCK* hope it helped XD :)

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Q: Where do you get webkinz shutter shades?
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Why do people love shutter shades on webkinz so much?

i think people like shutter shades on webkinz is because they look cool on your pet and they are kind of hard to get(:

Can you give me shutter shades on Webkinz?

Sure just need username

Where do you get shutter shades?

unfortunately, you have to buy a webkinz cares t-shirt, i have no clue where you could buy one, but that is what you have to do!

Can there be more than one person on your webkinz account?

No I tried it once... LOL please send shutter shades to me on webkinz world my username is wwecasey PLEASE WILL DO ANYTHING!!!

What stores in Canada have shutter shades?

i really want shutter shades were do you get them?

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Shutter Shades (sunglasses) range from about $5 to $8 a pair.

Where can a person find shutter shades for boys?

Just Buy A Pair Of Shutter Shades Not In Pink Or A Girly Colour

Is scuba mask worth shutter shades on webkinz?

No, it is probably worth science goggles and rock jacket. Sorry! Good luck! Oh and if you want you can add me I am slowo!

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Where can you get shutter shades? or primark

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