What are scary pop ups?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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it is a video which always has something scary that pops out ex ghost car, rocking chair, resident evil knife fight ,etc PS if you aren't scared .watch 'em

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Q: What are scary pop ups?
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What is a way to get rid of scary pop ups?

One can get rid of scary pop ups by using an adblock software. For computer users, Adblock Plus can help prevent users from seeing scary pop ups. For mobile users, it may be a bit harder, but apps for removing scary pop ups do exist.

Is the last exorcism scary?

Yes and no it has some pop ups but not scary...

Is the scary car commertail extreamly scary?

well i watched it and it is a pop-up.what are pop-ups? they are scary pictures with a scream!

Why are there scary pop ups on YouTube?

Because they are there to get business

What is the fear of scary pop-ups called?

This fear is most likely related to Phobophobia - the fear of being frightened. Currently, there is no coined term or phobia for the fear of scary pop-ups.

What are good scary pop ups?

Not ALL scary pop ups are scary, but here are some, -Jelly Bieber -I like bread scary -Care bears! Cute! -Guarenteed to make you jump(even just a little) SCARY POP UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -(go on to watch this one)Peeping Tom goes wrong(VERY SCARY) Now, jelly bieber, care bears, and the guarenteed to make you jump are ALL on youtube. Peeping tom is on a site where there are lots of scary things called

What site can you go to to find scary ghost or demon pop ups that come up against the screan?

Youtube .

Is pop ups good or bad?

scary pop ups can be good or bad some might have caused heartattcks because of bad ones and good ones are weak because of no screams and coming towards the screen

Is jaws the revenge scary?

Not really because there is not a scary pop-up in the movie. Pop-ups are the main thing that scare people in the Jaws movies. But Ben Gardner´s head in Jaws 1 is just freaky!

Is case 39 scary?

Yes, only at some parts. There are LOTS of pop ups. If you have a you want me to answer email me at

Where is pop ups add or allow pop ups found?

stop pop-ups on my computer

How do you keep pop-ups from showing on screen?

Usually pop-up blockers built into browsers will block them and only allow pop-ups from sites that you specifically instruct the blocker to allow pop-ups from.