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You need to get latias ( can only catch it on Pokemon heartgold) and latios (can only get it on Pokemon soulsilver) and speak to steven who is in the silph co. in saffron city.
You must get the Enigma Stone from the WiFi event, which turns out to be the Soul Dew.

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Q: Where do you get the soul dew in Pokemon HeartGold?
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Where is the soul dew in heartgold?

It was a wi-fi event in 2010.

How do you get the soul dew in heartgold?

Action replay otherwise NOsorry

How do you get the soul dew in Pokemon soul silver?

there will be a upcoming wi-fi gift, that will give you the enigma stone , which is actually a soul dew. hope this helped !:D that is only for soulsilver and heartgold! *non wifi/non legit way: get an action replay and use the all items code to get an enigma stone which like i said , is actually a soul dew .

Can you use latios or latias in Pokemon vgc 12 with soul dew?

No, as you can not legally obtain a Soul Dew on Pokemon Black/White

What is Soul Dew on Pokemon White Version?

Soul dew is an item specificly made for latios/latias.

Do you get growlithe in Pokemon HeartGold or soul silver?

heartgold but you can get vulpix in soulsilver

Can Pokemon HeartGold and Pokemon soul silver play on-line on the Nintendo DS?

Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver both have Wi-Fi capabilities.

How do you get soul dew in platinum?

If you have a copy of Pokemon Soul Silver then click on Mystery Gift, Nintendo WFC, then you have the Enigma Stone,, go to Pewter Museum and give it too Steven, you get the Soul Dew... To Get it in Platinum, you need to do those things in Pokemon HG or SS, then get the soul dew, attach it too any random Pokemon, trade it over to Pokemon Platinum. Hope I Helped :)

Are Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver out?

Pokemon Heartgold and Soul Silver are currently available, if you cannot find it I recommend you buy it online.

Pokemon HeartGold how to catch Groudon?

you cant but you can trade it from Pokemon soul silver

What does soul dew do?

In Pokemon frlg rse dppt and hgss the soul dew raises the sp attack and sp defence of latias or latios when held

Where is Park on Pokemon HeartGold and soul silver?

go to walmart