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you cant but you can trade it from Pokemon soul silver

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Q: Pokemon HeartGold how to catch Groudon?
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Where do you catch Groudon in Pokemon HeartGold?

you cant catch him in heartgold you can only get him in soulsilver

How do you catch Groudon on Pokemon HeartGold?

You can't catch him in HeartGold. Only in SoulSilver. In HeartGold, you catch Kyogre in Embedded Tower. If you transfer either Kyogre or Groudon to the other game, you can catch Rayquayza

What Pokemon can you catch in soul silver and not in heartgold?

There is latios and groudon.

Can you catch Groudon on Pokemon HeartGold?

You can't in heart gold but you can migrate it or trade it.

Can you catch Kyogre and Groudon in the same time or can you just catch one?

You can only catch one in one game. In Pokemon SoulSilver, you get Groudon, and in HeartGold you get Kyogre. In Sapphire you get Kyogre, and in Ruby you get Groudon.

How do you get Rayqaza in Pokemon HeartGold?

First you have to catch kyogre and trade groudon to heartgold then go to the embedded tower and there is rayquaza

Where can you CATCH rayquazza on Pokemon HeartGold?

Embedded Tower after catching both Kyogre and Groudon there.

How do you get rayquasa in Pokemon HeartGold?

You catch Kyogre AND TRADE A GROUDON FOR ANY POKEMON BUT KYOGRE go to the Pokemon proffeser he will give you an orb where you can catch raqausa.

How do you get groudon in HeartGold?

Groudon is unavailable in heartgold. You can only catch Kyogre. If you want groudon, you will have to trade from heartgold, or migrate from another game.

How do you catch Groudon in heartgold?

you can only catch him in soulsilver

Which is easier Pokemon HeartGold or soulsliver?

The two games are essentially the same difficulty. The only major difference is that in HeartGold, you can catch Kyogre, while in SoulSilver, you can catch Groudon.

What has better Pokemon HeartGold or soulsliver?

There both the same game but in Heart gold you can catch Ho-oh and in Soul Silver you can catch Lugia. So they both have the same pokemon. If you like the Pokemon Kyogre, you can catch one in Pokemon Heartgold. If you like Groudon, you can catch one in Pokemon Soulsilver.