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Groudon is unavailable in heartgold. You can only catch Kyogre. If you want groudon, you will have to trade from heartgold, or migrate from another game.

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Q: How do you get groudon in HeartGold?
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Can you find a growdon on HeartGold?

Groudon is unavailible in Pokemon heartgold trade from soulsilver to get groudon.

How do you find Groudon in heart gold?

Groudon isn't in HeartGold, it is in SoulSilver. Kyogre is in HeartGold as well as Rayquaza.

How do you get a yellow Groudon in heartgold?

You can get a yellow Groudon at the related link below.

Where can you get Groudon in HeartGold?

It's impossible to get it in Heartgold, unless you trade it or migrate it.

Can you find Groudon in Pokemon HeartGold?

No, Kyogre is for HeartGold and Groudon is for SoulSIlver. Unless, you trade with a friend or use the GTS, you can't get; latias, kyogre and rayquaza are in heartgold.Latios, Groudon, and rayquaza are in soulsilver.

Where do you catch Groudon in Pokemon HeartGold?

you cant catch him in heartgold you can only get him in soulsilver

Where do you get Groudon in Pokemon HeartGold?

Migrate raquaza

What do you do after you catch Rayquaza in heartgold?

a groudon and a kyogre

How do you get Raqaza in Soulsilver?

To get Rayquaza, get both Groudon AND Kyogre. SoulSilver: Groudon HeartGold: Kyogre

Where do you get Kyogre in soulsilver?

you can not. you get groudon, not kyogre. kyogre is in heartgold. but groudon is in embedded tower near the safari zone in soulsilver.You can only catch Kyogre in Heartgold :(

Where can you catch goudron in soul silver?

Sorry, Groudon is specific to HeartGold but is you can get a HeartGold user (MAYBE ME) to lend you their groudon, you can get a Rayquaza! Rayquaza's better anyways

How do you catch Groudon on Pokemon HeartGold?

You can't catch him in HeartGold. Only in SoulSilver. In HeartGold, you catch Kyogre in Embedded Tower. If you transfer either Kyogre or Groudon to the other game, you can catch Rayquayza