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you can't you have to trade from soulsilver

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Q: How do you get Groudon to appear in the embedded tower in heartgold?
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Where do you get Kyogre in soulsilver?

you can not. you get groudon, not kyogre. kyogre is in heartgold. but groudon is in embedded tower near the safari zone in soulsilver.You can only catch Kyogre in Heartgold :(

How do you get Rayqaza in Pokemon HeartGold?

First you have to catch kyogre and trade groudon to heartgold then go to the embedded tower and there is rayquaza

Can you get Groudon in pokemon heartgold?

you can only get it in soulsilver (and there it is at embedded tower and you need a red orb)

Where can you CATCH rayquazza on Pokemon HeartGold?

Embedded Tower after catching both Kyogre and Groudon there.

When does Kroger appear in SoulSilver?

Kyogre does not appear in soul silver, only groudon. Kyogre appears in heart gold at the Embedded Tower, Much like Groudon appears in soul silver at the Embedded Tower

How do you catch Groudon on Pokemon HeartGold?

You can't catch him in HeartGold. Only in SoulSilver. In HeartGold, you catch Kyogre in Embedded Tower. If you transfer either Kyogre or Groudon to the other game, you can catch Rayquayza

Where do you return the red and blue orb on heartgold and soul silver?

Go to the Embedded Tower on Route 47. When you go in, depending on what orb you have, either Kyogre or Groudon will appear there. Groudon if you have the Red Orb, and Kyogre if you have the Blue.

Can you get Groudon and Kyogre in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You can get groudon in Pokemon soulsilver and kygore in Pokemon heartgold (both are found in the embedded tower on route 47).

How can you get Rayquaza in Heart gold without trading from soul silver?

Trade from another game.To find Rayquaza at the Embedded Tower you must show Professor Oak a Groudon and Kyogre caught at the Embedded Tower. The Embedded Tower is new to HeartGold and SoulSilver. In HeartGold you catch Kyogre but cannot catch Groudon and vice-versa in SoulSilver, so you must trade with someone who has SoulSilver for a Groudon then show that to Professor Oak. If the Pokemon is not caught at the Embedded Tower then it won't count.

Where can you find rayquza in Pokemon HeartGold?

If you have kyogre, get groudon from a friend, have them both in your party and talk to prof. oak. He will give you the jade orb, which makes rayquaza appear in embedded tower

How do you catch rayquayza in Pokemon HeartGold?

Embedded tower. However, it's not as simple as that. First you need to catch Kyogre at the Embedded tower (Groudon in SoulSilver). Then you need to trade for a Groudon that was caught at the Embedded Tower (trade for Kyogre in SoulSilver). After showing both of these to Professor Oak then you get the Jade Orb. Next time you go to the Embedded tower, Rayquaza will be waiting.

How do you get the jade orb on HeartGold?

Get the Kyogre you caught at the Embedded Tower, and trade a Groudon from Soulsilver. (Note: They cannot be transfered from RSE, they have to be from the Embedded Tower!!) Then, bring both of them in your party to Oak, then he'll give you a Jade Orb. Rayquaza will be at the Embedded Tower.