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You talk to the girl in eterna city's poke'center the on in the purple shirt

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Q: Where do you get the friendship poketch app on Pokemon diamond?
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How do you get the friendship checker app in Pokemon diamond?

Just go to Eterna city, and go into the Pokemon centre. Talk to some lady (i think she has green hair), and she give you the friendship checker app on your Poketch.

Pokemon diamond poketch app that counts?

you come with it!

Where do you get the friendship poketch app in platinum?

In Eterna City's Pokemon center. Talk to a woman in there and she will give you the poketch app- freindship checker.

Where do you get the Friendship Checker Poketch App in Pokemon pearl?

from a woman in eterna city's Pokemon city

Were do you get the calculator poketch app in Pokemon diamond?

its included in the default applications

The Pokemon tracer app in Pokemon Diamond?

the poketch marking map can be obtained by the poketch president after getting the 5th or 7th badge

How do you know where Meprit is in pokemon Diamond?

Get the PokeMarker Poketch app from Jublife City Poketch building. It will show you where Mesprit is.

How do you use the underground poketch app in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

you touch the screen with your stiylist

Is there more then 2 hearts on the poketch app friendship finder for Pokemon on Pokemon Platinum?

yes two big hearts

Where is mespirit after seeing it a first time Pokemon diamond?

in random places in sinnoh. get the pokefinder poketch app

Can you show me Pokemon diamond game identifier?

You receive it as a poketch app from Dawn/Luke on route 207.

What number is the friendship checker app?

In Pokemon Diamond the Friendship Checker (also called the Happiness Checker) app is #6.