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yes two big hearts

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Q: Is there more then 2 hearts on the poketch app friendship finder for Pokemon on Pokemon Platinum?
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How do you help the woman in front of her house in lake in Pokemon platinum?

The woman has accidentally dropped her keys near the reception counter-which is the building in front of the beach- and you have to use the Poketch app Finder to find the keys.

Where can i get item finder on Pokemon platinum?

Dawn gives you the Dowsing Machine app for Poketch when you're about to enter Mt. Coronet for the first time, after the second Gym, beating Team Galactic in Eterna City, and getting a Bicycle.

Where do you get heart scales on Pokemon platinum?

you can get heart scales underground, but it takes a while to find one. you have to keep digging until you do. (you need an explorer kit.) OR use your item finder poketch app and look through the sand below the valor lake front buildings.

What is the Pokemon finder in Pokemon platinum because when you always do it it keeps the level but not the Pokemon?

You need to complete your Sinnoh pokedex before you get the poke finder, once you complete it go to professor Rowans lab and talk to him

Where is the lost room key on Pokemon Diamond?

You need to follow your item finder poketch app around the area of the room. If you follow it, it's there. (I would tell you, but I forgot! :(

In Pokemon platinum where is the key near Pastoria city?

use the item finder thing near the hotel it should be there.

How can you get colored plates in Pokemon platinum?

you can get it by diging underground or using the item finder thingy. there are also other ways but that's how i get them

How do you find the item finder in Pokemon diamond?

I am not sure what you mean by this, but if it's the poketch app that is like a radar that you use to find items on the ground that you want, then this is what you do. (I think) - Find Lucas/Dawn in Veilstone City and battle together against Team Galactic. - After defeating them, Lucas/Dawn will give you it. If this is wrong, go to the poketch building and talk to the man there.

How do you use finder?

The itemfinder item is not in Diamond/Pearl. But you can find items by touching the screen on either Poketch app 7 or in the Underground.

How do you get the legendary Pokemon finder on Pokemon gold?

non existant

Hoe do you get the suite key on Pokemon platinum where is the suite key?

you have to go in front of the actual hotel building a couple steps in front of it with the item finder app and dont stand on top of it and press a.

How do you get item finder in Pokemon crystel?

in a cave