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In Pokemon Diamond the Friendship Checker (also called the Happiness Checker) app is #6.

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Q: What number is the friendship checker app?
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How do you get the friendship checker app in Pokemon diamond?

Just go to Eterna city, and go into the Pokemon centre. Talk to some lady (i think she has green hair), and she give you the friendship checker app on your Poketch.

Where do you get the friendship app in Pokemon platinum?

The friendship app or frenship checker is given to you by a girl on the first floor of the Eterna city Pokemon center.

Where do you find the poke app friendship?

Go to the Pokemon Centre in Eterna City and speak to the brown haired girl, she will hand you the Pokétch app "Friendship Checker".

How do you use the app friendship checker?

You just hold down a Pokemon on the app and some or no hearts would show up.

Where to install the friendship checker?

The friendship checker (my personal favorite app) is inside the Pokemon center of eterna city. Talk to the lady with brown hair right byt he tile pokeball in the floor.

Where do you get the Friendship Checker Poketch App in Pokemon pearl?

from a woman in eterna city's Pokemon city

Where do you get the friendship poketch app in platinum?

In Eterna City's Pokemon center. Talk to a woman in there and she will give you the poketch app- freindship checker.

Where can you find the Friendship checker app on Pokemon platinum?

You can find the app in the Pokemon Center in Eterna City. Talk to one of the girls.

What does it mean when a Pokemon runs away from you on the friendship checker app?

they dont like you.. you dont treat him good...

How do you use the friendship checker?

The friendship checker app in the Pokémon games shows you which of your Pokémon like you. To use it look for hearts next to a Pokémon when you have the screen up.

What level does bedew evolve on?

Budew evolves when it has the highest possible friendship (two hearts get bigger on the friendship checker poketch app) and gains a level.

Where can you get the friendship checker for diamond?

If you mean the app. then you will need to be at the begining when dawn tells you to choose what hand you want. You will need to choose the right-hand for the app.