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where to find a azure Flute without action replay and cheating in pokemon platinum

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Q: Where do you get the azure flute on Pokemon Platinum?
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Can you get the azure flute in Pokemon Platinum?

Yes, you can get the azure flute in Pokemon platinum.

When do you get an azure flute in Pokemon Platinum?


When is the Pokemon platinum azure flute date?

there is no azure flute but you can get arceus November 7-15.

What flute do you use in Pokemon platinum to catch arceus?

the flute is the azure flute

Does mr goods give you the azure flute in Pokemon platinum?

No. You can only get the Azure Flute by event OR by hacking.

Were to get a azure flute for Pokemon platinum?

someone gives it to you.

Do you need to be done with the Pokemon league to get the azure flute in Pokemon platinum?

no the Azure flute is a special item obtained by cheats i believe

How do you get azure flute Pokemon Battle Revolution-wii?

Ok,heres a trick...You get a Azure flute on eather Pokemon d or Pokemon p or platinum then give the flute to one of your Pokemon then tracfer it to Pokemon battle revolution and....WALLA!!!You have an Azure flute!!!

Where do you use the azure flute on pokemon platinum?

You use the Azure Flute in Spear Pillar within Mt. Coronet.

How can you get the Azure flute in Pokemon Platinum?

Currently only by cheating.

How can you catch arceous on Pokemon platinum?

Azure flute by event

How is the azure flute obtainable in Pokemon Platinum?

The Azure Flute is not obtainable during normal game play in Pokemon Platinum. The only way to get it right now is by hacking or using an Action Replay.