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I need it to catch the tiger shark to obtain my last piece of the treasure map, but I don't seem to have the plans for it, can anyone help?

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Q: How do you obtain the plans to make a bamboo fishing pole in sims castaway ps2?
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How do you get the hammer in sims castaway?

well you go to start and click plans then special plans. here you should find a better workbench like a bamboo workbench

How do you get a crafting bench 2 in Sims castaway 2 psp?

Press start and go to plans and ideas then go to object plans then scroll across to special plans and it will say bamboo crafting bench click that and your sim will make it, but you need 15 bamboo and 14 vine. hope this helps :)

Where are the crafting bench on the sims 2 castaway?

there at the first island when you come to the island, on the second island exactly the same thing as the first and you can earn the hardwood and bamboo plans in special plans (the three dots on the plans menu). hope it helps~ =)

How do you increase logic on the Sims 2 castaway?

If you have plans for the chess table, you can build it then play with it. If you don't have those plans yet, fish with a fishing pole. Finding treasure map pieces and hieroglyphics also increases logic.

How do you unlock all the plans in sims 2 castaway?

use cheats.

How do you get the shack plans on ps2 sims castaway?

complete goals then it should be there if not there allready.

How do you take a bath in Sims 2 castaway?

you go to plans then go to outhouse and shower plans and pick one you like

Are there any plans from Obama to make fishing illegal?

Obama has no such plans.

How do you get the showers in the sims 2 castaway?

In order to get plans for the shower and outhouse in sims 2 castaway you need to build a house or shelter plan called Compact Burgalow. Once you finish building it you'll automatically get the plans for it but not the materials needed

What was the reason that the New Hampshire Colony was established?

It was established as a fishing village with plans of becoming a fishing empire.

Can you craft armor in castaway 2?

You have to find plants and then you go in your plans section of your journal and click on make this item

Where can one obtain cool house plans?

One can obtain cool house plans at Cool House Plans, Tumbleweed, eplans, Monster House Plans, and the best place to start looking would have to be Design a House.