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You go take the secret agent quiz. If you pass, you'll be able to go to the HQ. Once you're there, click on the handbook on the right corner bellow. It is called The F.I.S.H. Keep turning the pages until you see a red penguin wearing clothes. If you have enough coins, you can buy them! Congratz. You get the clothes.

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Q: Where do you get secret agent clothing on club penguin?
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Can you be a ninja and a secret agent on Club Penguin?

Yes you can be a agent and a ninja on club penguin.

Are there tasks on Club Penguin?

There are tasks on Club Penguin if you are a secret agent.

How do you become the president of Club Penguin?

There is no president in Club Penguin but you can join the secret agent club.

Do you have to pay to be a secret agent in club penguin?


What is the secret word on the secret agent in club penguin?


How many days old do you have to be to become a secret agent in Club Penguin?

In order to become a secret agent in Club Penguin, your penguin must be a full 30 days old

Club Penguin what does it mean a penguin is on and adventure?

It means that your penguin is doing a secret mission (You have to be a secret agent which is the secret agency).

Is there a secret mision on Club Penguin?

yes, there is, if you become a secret agent

Is there a secret mission on Club Penguin and where?

Agent HQ

How do you find the secret agent headquarters on club penguin during a puffle party on club penguin?

You can find the secret agent headquarters through the EPF room in the ski village.

Is there a secret place in Club Penguin that no one in Club Penguin no's?

yes there is! I'm from penguin club and yes, there IS a such place. But I don't know about it because it's a secret. Improved answer: There is one place that you can only go to if your a secret agent. Its....a secret!! Become an agent if ya wanna know.

Where can you find the secret agent book catalog in Club Penguin?

in agent HQ