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It is called ACME Secret Agent

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Q: What font are the Club Penguin banned signs in?
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What font does club penguin use for card jitsu?


What is the font is called for the Club Penguin Logo?

The font is called Bumbastika. You may need to download it.

What is the font from the club penguin puffle party logo?

its called Foonky Heavy. :)

What is the font from the club penguin April fools party logo?


What is the font used in Club Penguin on the name on the player card?

The name of the ClubPenguin font on the player card is called Bonk Fatty.

What are all of the fonts used on club penguin?

Well when I researched it I realized that the name that says "CLUBPENGUIN" is called ACME explosive font. That's all I know sorry! --------------- If you want the actual font that the Club Penguin Logo is written in you want to search for Bumbastika. Other fonts on CP include A.C.M.E. Explosive, Bonk Fatty, and a few others. Search for 'Club Penguin chat bubble font' for example to find the font in speech bubbles. Hope this helped.

What font are club penguin missions in?

on microscope office word the briefing is on some computers in crystal

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Most municipal/government organizations use Helvetica for public signs. It is also the most widely used font in advertising.

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For interpretive displays and publications, the sans-serif title font is Frutiger and the text font is called NPS Rawlinson.

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I believe the "... the good life" part is Bauhaus. I'm still trying to figure out the "NEBRASKA" font.

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