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Unfortunately you can't get glameow in soul silver. You need to trade it from Pokemon pearl version.

For more info click link below.

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Q: Where do you get a glameow in Pokemon SoulSilver?
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How do you get Glameow on Pokemon platinum?

To get Glameow on Pokemon Platinum you will need to trade for one from Pokemon Pearl. In Pokemon Pearl Glameow appears on Routes 218 and 222.

Is glameow good?

Glameow is a Normal type pokemon.

Where can you catch a glameow?

Glameow cannot be caught in Pokemon Diamond. This kitty pokemon can be found in Pokemon Pearl on route 218 and 228. Glameow can be traded to Diamond from Pearl.

Is there a Pokemon that can't be affected by confusion on heartgold or soulsilver?

Yes, Pokemon with the 'own tempo' ability. slowpoke slowbro slowking lickitung lickilicky smergle spoink grumpig spinda glameow purugly

Where can you get a glameow?

I think you can find them in the Pearl Version of Pokemon. Since I have the Diamond version of Pokemon I had to trade a Pokemon (wireless) to obtain a glameow.

What Pokemon do you get instead of glameow on Pokemon Diamond?


What type is the Pokemon Glameow?


Can you catch glameow in Pokemon diamond?


What Pokemon can you only get in Pokemon pearl not Pokemon diamond?

Palkia. glameow

What is the national pokedex number for Glameow?

Glameow is #431 in the national pokedex, and it is a Normal type Pokemon.

Can you catch a glameow in Pokemon platinum?

yes. u can catch glameow in route 218 and 222

What are the Pokemon you can only get in Pokemon Pearl?

Palkia glameow and purugly