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no you can trade soulsilver pokemon to black

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Q: Can you give Pokemon black Pokemon to Pokemon SoulSilver?
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How do you battle with Pokemon Black and Pokemon SoulSilver?

You cannot battle between a Pokemon Black game and a Pokemon Soulsilver game.

Can you trade Pokemon from black to soul silver?

No, you can't trade a Pokemon from SoulSilver to Black. However, you can transfer Pokemon. This basically means you transfer a Pokemon from SoulSilver to Black but nothing gets transfered to SoulSilver.

How do you get a Charmander in Pokemon Black?

you can transfer it from Pokemon soulsilver/heartgold to Pokemon black

Can you get black and white Pokemon on Pokemon SoulSilver?

You cant.

How do you trade pokemon from black to Pokemon SoulSilver?

That trade is not possible. Soulsilver cannot recognize Pokemon from newer versions.

What do you do with the ragecandy bar in Pokemon SoulSilver?

you give it to your Pokemon

Where to get riolu in pokemon soulsilver?

You can possibly get riolu in Pokemon black

How do you get a black appricot in Pokemon SoulSilver?

you look for it

Does pokemon on black and white can to be traded on soulsilver?


Can you trade with Pokemon SoulSilver and Pokemon black?

you can only send Pokemon from soul silver to black with the pokishifter

How do you walk with your Pokemon in Pokemon Black?

you cant. you can only do that with Pokemon heartgold and soulsilver.

I have Pokemon Black and SoulSilver. I want to get Zoroark and I know I have to trade my celebii from my SoulSilver to my black version. But is it possible to trade my celebii back to my SoulSilver?

I am afraid so bro. Pokemon Black and White cant communicate with soulsilver heartgold diamond pearl platinum. so your Celebi is stuck on black