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Zoroak isn't in soulsilver or heartgold. If you look at, its only in the yet to come out Pokemon Black and White.

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Q: On Pokemon SoulSilver what is the action replay code for the Pokemon zoroak?
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Can you get zora in Pokemon white without a mod or action replay?

yes by trading or you can breed a zoroak

Pokemon SoulSilver is there an action replay code for phantom champion zoroak?

No. Phantom Champion Zoroark is only for the upcoming Pokemon Black and White and is only obtained (in Japan) by transferring one of the 'Alternate Colored Beasts', Suicune, Raikou and Entei to the aforementioned games. Zoroark's in-game coding isn't found in HeartGold/SoulSilver.

Pokemon soulsilver is there an action replay code for phantom champion zoroak it is couse someone on YouTube had it?

NO, that's a Gen 5 Pokémon, so there is no way to get them in Pokémon HG/SS/D/P/Pt, because it's not in the game coding.

How do you get zoroak without the event or action replay?

Get someone to trade you one.

Can you get zoroak without the event or the action replay?

Yes, you can trade for one.

Who to evolve zoroak?

The Pokemon who evolves into Zoroark is Zorua

Is there a Pokemon called zoroak?

yes it is a fifth gen Pokemon that evolves from zorua

Can you breed zoroak - Pokemon Black?

YES Zoroark can be breeded

Is zoroak the strongest Pokemon?

there is no "strongest pokemon" it depends on the sp attack and attack stats. if you use, like, 1,000 attack increasing items on it then, yes in your game zoroark is indeed, the strongest pokemon.

Where is zoroak on FireRed?

Zoroak is a VI gen. pokemon. game freak was nowhere near done black and white in 2004. Wait till 2011 to get black and white in north america!

Where can you watch Pokemon zoroak master of illusion in English?

you can watch it on cartoonnetwork when they show replays on tv anytime

How do you get zoroak in Pokemon white version?

You can only get Zoroark through an event, I recommend or to get the dates