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In the ice cave

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Q: Where do you find the green jack hammer in club penguin?
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Where do you find the green construction helmit on Club Penguin?

It is on the Penguin Style catalog.

Club Penguin ruby and the ruby?

A Club Penguin play about a woman who lost her ruby jewel and gets help from Detective Jaque Hammer to find it.

Where can you find the Green Headphones on Club Penguin Music Jam 2009?

You can find the Green Headphones at Club Penguin's Music Jam 2009 during July 17-26.

How do you find the hammer in the mission mysterios tremors on club penguin?

it's in the gadget room somewhere on a shelf

How do you get a green digger hat on club penguin?

You go in the mine and in the right corner and you will find it.

On Club Penguin where do you find the party hat?

find it in the aniversrey of club penguin

Where do you get the green hard hat from on club penguin?

you go to the gift shop an then go on the catolog and you will find the green hard hat

Where do you you find the matches on Club Penguin?

There are no matches in Club Penguin.

How do you get green face paint on club penguin?

In the Gift Shop Catalog, go to the page with the night club. Click on the pink tile at the front near the girl penguin and you will find green face paint for 15 coins.

What is a beta on Club Penguin?

A beta on Club Penguin is a penguin who has been on there since Penguin Chat 3. If you want to meet one, try to find one that has a dark and light green or dark and light yellow party hat.

Where is Club Penguin Candice stamp?

find her on club penguin to get this pin

Where do you find the earmuffs on Club Penguin?

At the Gift Shop at club penguin.