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At the Gift Shop at Club Penguin.

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Q: Where do you find the earmuffs on Club Penguin?
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Can you currently get earmuffs on Club Penguin?

you cannot currently get earmufs on Club Penguin

What are the club penguin codes for puffle earmuffs?

there is no codes for puffle earmuffs you can get the earmuffs ONLY on the puffle catalog good luck -starships967

What is the code for the blue earmuffs on club penguin?

There really isn't a code you might find it on YouTube but that's pretty much where you could find it.

When do you get the earmuffs on club penguin?

Most winter clothing catalogs will contain at least one colour of earmuffs. They may or may not be a secret item.

How do you get the pink earmuffs?

well lemme think... i think you get em at the fair in club penguin not on "Ebay"

Where do you get the earmuffs from on club penguin?

I got it last year from July- September and they might come out again this year.

On Club Penguin where do you find the party hat?

find it in the aniversrey of club penguin

Where do you you find the matches on Club Penguin?

There are no matches in Club Penguin.

What is the code on club penguin to unlock the earmuffs?

there isn't a free code unless you buy one or get it off of yotube sorry i meant youtube :)

Where is Club Penguin Candice stamp?

find her on club penguin to get this pin

Can you find a penguin on Club Penguin?

Yes you can.

Where can one find Club Penguin secrets?

One can find Club Penguin secrets in Club Penguin secrets tutorial videos found in Youtube. In addition, Club Penguin gaming forums will have information on secrets.