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You have to wait untill it comes in the Club Penguin stores...or sometimes you can find it around the club penguin world. You must be patient and wait for it to come in club penguin stores...or you need to go on an adventure around the club penguin world and you need to find it

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Q: How do you get a igloo background on Club Penguin?
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How do you get to your igloo in Club Penguin?

to get to your igloo on club penguin you click on the picture that looks like a igloo

How do you change your igloo background on Club Penguin?

If you go to the Penguin Style catalog, some of the first things that come are the Colors, and Backrounds.

Where does Club Penguin live?

its igloo

How do you make a day care in your igloo on club penguin?

in the igloo catalog on club penguin buy things that a day care might have

What is the oldest igloo in club penguin besides the always avalible igloos including The split level igloo and the basic igloo?

The candy igloo and the gingerbread house are the oldest igloos on club penguin

Where to get a house on Club Penguin?

You get an igloo on club penguin as soon as you make your club penguin account. But to customize your igloo you have to be a member.

How do you know what igloo your friends in on club penguin?

you cant but their usally in there igloo

How do you get a fishbowl igloo on Club Penguin?

The fish bowl igloo has gone! It could come back but you would have to contact someone from club penguin.

Can you get an igloo that isn't in the catalog on Club Penguin?


Where do you get the television on Club Penguin?

Its in a igloo catolog

Where do you find the magnet on club penguin?

In your igloo

Why is your Club Penguin igloo frozen?

because there is penguin's there and if it is not cold they will die