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you have to find it you have to find it you have to find it

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Q: How do you get a instrument on club penguin?
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When you have a instrument on Club Penguin how do you play it?

When you own an instrument on Club Penguin, ensure that it is the only thing you are wearing/carrying and that should resolve all problems surrounding the playing of them.

How do you play an instrument in club penguin?

You take off all of your penguin's clothes and just wear the instrument and press D on your keyboard. Have fun playing your instrument!

Where is the instrument catalog in Club Penguin?

You can get it every July when the Music Jam is there

How do play your intruments at Club Penguin?

Take of everything except for that certain instrument. Then make your penguin dance.

Where do you get the black electric guitar in club penguin?

In the lighthouse there is a instrument catologue for everyone.

Can you get a free instrument on club penguin?

usually u can get some at music jam

How do you play an instument on Club Penguin?

You need to wear only a musical instrument and dance.

How do you play an instrument with clothes on on Club Penguin?

you have to take all of your clothes of and only where the insterement

What you have to press to play the instrument in club penguin?

all you do is press d! (but don't wear any clothes!)

What are the best account games?

Club penguin club penguin club penguin club penguin guffins guffins guffins

Is there a Club Penguin heaven on Club Penguin?

NoNo, there isn't a Club Penguin Heaven.You can't die on Club Penguin.

Can you get on the old Club Penguin?

Not on the current Club Penguin but I think that they have old Club Penguin on Penguin Chat.