How do you get a Club Penguin book?

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2009-11-23 00:33:12

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You can find them in Toys R Us or Target. Enter the code in Club Penguin.

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Q: How do you get a Club Penguin book?
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Where do you get a blue book in Club Penguin?

You get the code from any club penguin book.

Club Penguin how do you view the Club Penguin blue book?

you must get a club penguin book or go on to and search how do you get a book on club penguin. i have got a book if you sit down with the book you will be reading by the way the blue book is a clothing item

How do you open the secret book on Club Penguin?

You get a code from buying a CLUB Penguin penguin doll, type the code into club penguin, and you get the secret treasure book!

How do you unlock items with a book on club penguin?

by having a club penguin book and throughout the book there will be codes

In Club Penguin how do you get to the ultimate official guide to Club Penguin thing?

the ulitimate guide to club penguin is a book you can find this book and other great club penguin books at toysrus.

What do you do with a unlocked book in Club Penguin?

what u do with an unlocked book in club penguin is get the code and unlock it

What is a Club Penguin product?

Like a club penguin toy or book.

How much are Club Penguin books?

what you have to do is buy a club penguin book and go to club penguin and log in then hit unlock itemsclick i have a book and answer the queston.

Is there a book answer for club penguin?


How many pages are in a Club Penguin book?

80 pages in one club penguin book CL

Where do you get a Club Penguin book?

you have to buy a real club penguin book at a store and it has a code and if you type it in it gives you a book for your penguin. If you sit down with it it makes you read it.

Where can you get a Club Penguin treasure book from?

You have to buy Club penguin toys, clothing, figures, or books, or any Club penguin things, If they do they'll come with a code, which you will have to enter on Club penguin to get the treasure book. Hope this helped!

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