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This "Club Penguin Blue Book" that you are talking about, is not something on Club Penguin, you may have mistaken it for the "Treasure Book", it is a common mistake. In the Club Penguin Treasure Book lies rare old and exclusive clothing and items, that are only avaiable now in that book. As you may see them in the catalog, there are many other items that can be unlocked. To access the Treasure Book, you will need a special code from a Club Penguin game, toy or book. Note: Not all Club Penguin games, toys and books inculde a special code that unlock the Treasure Book. Sometimes, you will receive a couple cool items with some coins.

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Q: What can you do with the Club Penguin Blue Book?
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Where do you get a blue book in Club Penguin?

You get the code from any club penguin book.

Club Penguin how do you view the Club Penguin blue book?

you must get a club penguin book or go on to and search how do you get a book on club penguin. i have got a book if you sit down with the book you will be reading by the way the blue book is a clothing item

Where can you find the blue book on Club Penguin?

you have to unlock it.

Where is the blue book on club penguin?

You can get a blue book by answering a book code, along with some coins.

Find the blue book on club penguin and how do you unlock it?

find the blue book by going onto unlock items online on club penguin then click on i have a book then click on the stoaway then answer the question if you have the book if you don't have the book get it

What does the blue book do in Club Penguin?

the blue book doesnt do anything. i thought it was the treasure book but it just goes in your inventory

How do you get the blue book on Club Penguin?

Answer-You need to have a Club Penguin book to do it. Click " Unlock Items Online" then press " I have a book". Use the book to answer the question. You'll get the book and lots of coins! Or you could go to this website: will give you a lot of the answers. For " The Ultimate Official Guide to Club Penguin" you'll get the book and 1500 coins. For " Club Penguin Stowaway Adventures at Sea" you'll get 2000 coins. (Do it in this order.)Hope this helps!

On Club Penguin can you read the blue book?

no you can't . it is just for show.

Club penguin- how do you read your blue book?

You sit down, not dance or wave.

Is there a blue penguin?

In club penguin!

What are the codes to get the blue book on club penguin?

you have to put in an answer from a book and you will get it but if you do all the others you dont get a book because you already have it.

What is the word for the ultimate club penguin prize?

1500 coins and a blue book nothing from the treasure book :-(

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