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You need to get to Bills Grandpa in Cerulean (Kanto), he will ask for a pokemon.

The first is Lickitung, the second is Oddish and the last is staryue, i think that you then get the water stone from him.

I hope this help :)

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Q: Where do you find a water stone in Pokemon gold?
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Can you find a sun stone in Pokemon Red?

no. the sun stone was introduced in Pokemon gold and silver.

Where do you find the hard stone Pokemon heart gold?

hard stone can be found at dark cave

Where can you find a bellossom in Pokemon Gold?

Use a sun stone on a Gloom.

How does Poliwhirl evolve to Poliwrath in Pokemon Gold?

Yes, use a water stone.

Fire stone in Pokemon Gold?

Go to the road to the Pokemon leadge route 25 and somewere around there u will find a fire stone

Where can you find a bellosem in Pokemon gold?

You'll need to evolve it from Gloom with a Sun Stone.

Where can you find a fire stone in pokemon gold version?

It is on Route 25 from Bill's Grandfather.

Where do you find a bellossom in Pokemon Heart Gold?

you need to get a sun stone and use it on gloom

When do poliwhirl elvolving in Pokemon Gold?

When you use water stone or trade him with king's rock and he evolves into Poliwrath with water stone or into Politoed with king's rock.

Where do you find a fire stone in Pokemon gold?

You can buy a Fire Stone in the Pokeathlon Athlete Shop on Tuesdays for 2500 points.

Where can you find a Dusk Stone in Pokemon Gold Version?

, there's no such thing as the galactic whatever in Pokemon gold......its impossible to get a dusk stone in gold..... True, there is no Galactic location on Pokemon Gold unless you are cheating and you can not get a Dusk Stone on Pokemon Gold, though you can get a Dusk Stone on Pokemon Heart Gold , To get it you need to earn 3000 points in the Pokeathlon on either Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday, when you get 3000 points you can buy the Dusk Stone and you can also get other stones. Jacko25 actually I dont think its the pokeathlon, I think its the bug catching competion. When you win first place you get a random stone, it could be a dusk stone or something else.

What Pokemon does Bill's grandpa want to see in Pokemon Silver?

In order of how he wants to see them (based on Heart Gold and Soul Silver): Gold/Heart Gold: Oddish - Leaf Stone Growlithe - Fire Stone Pichu - Thunderstone Jigglypuff - Everstone Marill - Water Stone Silver/Soul Silver: Lickitung - Everstone Oddish - Leaf Stone Staryu - Water Stone Vulpix - Fire Stone Pichu - Thunderstone