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Use a sun stone on a Gloom.

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Q: Where can you find a bellossom in Pokemon Gold?
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Where do you find a bellossom in Pokemon Heart Gold?

you need to get a sun stone and use it on gloom

What evolves into bellossom in Pokemon gold?


Where can you find bellossom in Pokemon Emerald?

Bellossom can be obtained by evolving a gloom with a sunstone.

What type of Pokemon is Bellossom?

Bellossom is a Grass type pokemon.

Where do you find a Bellossom in Pokemon HeartGold?

Catch a Gloom, then give it a Sunstone.

Where can you find a bellossom on Pokemon diamond?

You cannot find a bellossom but you have to evolve it from a gllom with some sorta stone. once you get a gloom then you evolve it with a sun stone to get bellossom or if you want a vilploom (spelling?) then evolve one with a leaf stone. Catcatcat87:)

What is the national pokedex number for Bellossom?

Bellossom is #182 in the national pokedex, and it is a Grass type Pokemon.

Where to find Bellossom in Pokemon ruby version?

you need a gloom. when you give it a sun stone you will get a bellosom!!! :P

What Pokemon comes in between bellossom and yanmega on your browser in Pokemon ranger shadows of almia?

Yanma - you can find him by tackling a tree in the Union area

Where do you find belossom in Pokemon Sapphire?

You can't capture bellossom to get one catch a gloom and use a sun stone on it.

What level doess gloom in evolve into bellossom in Pokemon soul silver?

Gloom doesn't evolve into Bellossom by leveling up. Use a Leaf Stone and TADA! A Bellossom! : )

What Pokemon evolves with sun stone Pokemon diamond?

Gloom → Bellossom and Sunkern → Sunflora