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you cant find a pidgey in Pokemon emerald the only way to get a pidgey is to trade with Fire Red or Leaf Green

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Q: Where do you find a Pidgey in Pokemon Emerald?
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Where can you find a pigey in Pokemon Emerald?

u cannot find pidgey in Pokemon sapphire emerald and ruby, u can get it at leaf green and all

How do you get behind the daycare in Pokemon emerald?


How do you catch pidgey in Pokemon emerald?

not. you either have to trade from pokemon fire red/leaf green or use a gameshark.

Where do you get pidgey on emerald?

Sorry, but i am afraid you can not find pidgey on emerald. Only on red, yellow, green, blue, diamond, pearl, fire red and leaf green. Sorry again!

How do you get a pigeiot in Pokemon Emerald?

You must have a Pokemon firered or leafgreen trade you a pidgey then train it to level 36 and it will become a pigeot.

Where can you find Pidgey in Pokemon platinum?

You can find Pidgey in 'Swarms' in certain routes on certain days after you obtain the National Dex.

Where do you find a Pidgey on Pokemon dianmond?

transfer from 1st gen games

Who is a better Pokemon Spearow or pidgey?

Personally, I think Pidgey's are way better. They are easier to find, have better moves and more evolutions.

A cheat to catch pidgey in Pokemon platnium?

its not really a cheat but u could migrate it from a gameboy Pokemon game (Pokemon fire red, leaf green, ruby, Sapphire, emerald)

Where is groudan in Pokemon Emerald?

where can i find groudan in Pokemon emerald

How do you catch Pidgey on pokempn emerald?

I'm afraid you can't catch pidgey on emerald. You can get it on diamond pearl fire red and leaf green though! Molly.

How do you find Pidgey in Pokemon black?

Trade from white, can be found in white forest