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you find it at mout, pyre

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Q: Where do you find Chimecho in Pokemon sapphire?
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What Pokemon can you find in mt pyre in Pokemon Sapphire?

In Pokemon Sapphire, Shuppet, Duskull, Vulpix and Chimecho can all be found on Mount Pyre.

Where do you get a chimecho on Pokemon Sapphire?

On mt. Pyre on the grass where the fog is and there EXTREMELY hard to took ne like an hour

How do you evolve chimecho in Pokemon sapphire?

you can't evolve him that's his final evoloution

Do you need to beet the elite four to catch chimecho in Sapphire?

No you can find chimecho at mt pyre its very rare to find though.

Where can you catch a meditite in Emerald?

On emerald you cannot find wild meditite, it has to be traded to you from sapphire. On sapphire you can find them on top of Mt. Pyre; other Pokemon include vulpix, duskull, shuppet, and very rarely chimecho.

What Pokemon can you catch on mount pyre sapphire?

Shuppet Dusclops Wingull Vulpix Chimecho(rare)

How you get chimecho in sapphire?

Chimecho are found (rarely) at the top of Mount Pyre.

Do you need a pokemon that knows sweetsent to catch a chimencho?

You do not need a Pokemon with the move Sweet Scent to catch a Chimecho. Chimecho is a Pokemon that is hard to find in the areas it does appear in.

What type of Pokemon is chimecho?

Chimecho is a Psychic type pokemon.

How do you catch a lunatone in Pokemon pearl?

you have to insert sapphire and then go to spring valley and then keep on following the path and use rock climb and go left and when you find a chimecho you should be able to find a lunatone after

What is the rares Pokemon in sapphire?

I haven't catch these Pokemon yet: - Nosepass - Feebas - Chimecho They all rare, so of you ask what is the rarest Pokemon, I can't answer it. But if you ask what is the rare Pokemon, my answer is above

What is a chimecho in Pokemon?

Chimecho is a Pokemon. If you watch Pokemon on TV, you might see James from Team Rocket. He has a Chimecho so be on the lookout.