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If you have a friend with HeartGold or SoulSilver, you can get a Machop from him/her.

You can trade for a Machop up on the fourth floor of the Goldenrod Department Store by giving the guy there a Drowzee.

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Q: Where can you trade for a Machop in Pokemon SoulSilver?
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Does the Machop that you get in an in-game trade in Pokemon soul silver evolve into Machamp?

Yes, the Machop in Pokémon SoulSilver that you receive in an in-game trade is capable of eventually becoming Machamp as all Machop are provided their Trainers want them to but Machop first evolves into Machoke and then Machoke once traded will evolve into Machamp.

Where do you find machop in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You can find machop on some pokewalker routes, and in some patches of grass.

How do you defeat Whitney the gym leader in the soulsilver d.s. Game?

She specializes in Normal type Pokemon, so your best bet is Fighting type Pokemon. You could obtain a Machop in a trade at the Goldenrod Department Store.

How do you trade pokemon from black to Pokemon SoulSilver?

That trade is not possible. Soulsilver cannot recognize Pokemon from newer versions.

Can you give Pokemon black Pokemon to Pokemon SoulSilver?

no you can trade soulsilver pokemon to black

How do you get macho brace in Pokemon soul silver?

Trade the man in goldenrod city for a machop. The machop is holding the macho brace.

Where do you get gligar in SoulSilver?

The only way to get a gligar in pokemon soulsilver is to trade with pokemon heartgold.

When does Machop evolve on Pokemon Diamond?

Machop evolves into a Machoke at level 28. but you have to trade to get a Machamp. machop evolves into a Machoke at level 28. but you have to trade to get a machamp. That's right.Trade a Machamp.If you want to trade someone,go to the Global Trading System or trade in the PokeCenter. -Fossilfighters00

Can you trade a Pokemon from Pokemon FireRed to Pokemon SoulSilver?

no you can't but you can migrate in into diamond and then trade it.

How do you get a growlithe in pokemon SoulSilver?

You'll need to trade for it from Pokemon HeartGold. It is not avilable in the wild in Pokemon SoulSilver.

Can you trade pokemon from SoulSilver to pokemon pearl?


How do you catch Pokemon from henoh in Pokemon SoulSilver?

you trade