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You'll need to trade for it from Pokemon HeartGold. It is not avilable in the wild in Pokemon SoulSilver.

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Q: How do you get a growlithe in pokemon SoulSilver?
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Where is growlithe in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Growlithe is only found in Heartgold Version.

Where do you get growlithe in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Growlithe is a heartgold exclusive like vulpix is for soulsilver so your gonna have to trade to get one.

Where to find Arcanine in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Hey I have growlithe in soulsilver get in GTS

How can you get a growlithe without trading or migrating on SoulSilver?

Growlithe is one of the "version-specific" Pokemon. Growlithe is only available in HeartGold, while in SoulSilver you can only get Vulpix.

Where do you get a Growlithe in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You can't get a growlithe in soul silver you gotta trade it from heart gold.

Where do you catch growlitle in Pokemon soulsivler?

you can't find growlithe in Pokemon soulsilver

Do you get growlithe in Pokemon HeartGold or soul silver?

heartgold but you can get vulpix in soulsilver

Where can you catch a growlithe on pokemon soulsilver?

You can't get growlithe you have to get heart gold then trade to get it , go to to find out :D

What pokemon evolve from fire stones in Pokemon SoulSilver?

They are Growlithe to Arcainine Eevee to Flareon thats it

What do you need in the safari zone forest to get a growlithe in Pokemon soul silver?

Growlithe cannot be found in Pokemon SoulSilver, not even in the Safari Zone. It can only be found in HeartGold.

How do you get grolithe Pokemon SoulSilver?

The only way you can get a Growlithe in SOUL SILVER is by trading with someone who has HEART GOLD. It is not possible to get a Growlithe in SOUL SILVER.

What Pokemon does Bill's grandpa want to see in Pokemon SoulSilver?

1st Pokemon is lickitung then oddish then should be staryu then growlithe then pichu