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There are various types of Pokemon he wants to see. Match the description of the Pokemon he gives to you to one of the Pokemon below:

  • Oddish (Leaf Stone)
  • Staryu (Water Stone)
  • Growlithe* (Fire Stone)
  • Vulpix* (Fire Stone)
  • Pichu (Thunder Stone)

*Note: Vulpix is sought after in Pokemon SoulSilver, while Growlithe is sought after in Pokemon HeartGold. Growlithe and Vulpix are one of some version-specific Pokemon.

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Q: What is the Pokemon that bill's father wants to see in Pokemon HeartGold?
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Whet are the all Pokemon bills father wants to see in Pokemon crystal?


In Pokemon HeartGold what Pokemon does bills grandfather want to see?

he wants to see a lickitung. i don't know where to get them.... sorry.... hope i helped anyways! all the Pokemon he wants to see are. lickitung. oddish. vulpix/growlithe. i don't no the last one but i think its staryu or vaporeon

Why is Maylene at the eating contest in Pokemon Heartgold?

She wants to eat a lot of food for free.

What is the second Pokemon that bill's grandfather wants to see on DS heartgold?

well on Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal it's Oddish.

Where to find the stones is Pokemon Crystal?

Show bills grandpa the Pokemon he wants to see he gives u the stones for what Pokemon you show him

What does bills dad want to see in Pokemon gold?

he first wants to see lickitung,then he will give you a everstone,then he wants to see a skiploom.

What are the Pokemon bill's father wants to see in Pokemon Crystal?

I've heard one of them is a lickitung because he wants to see a Pokemon with a long tongue. Hope this helps!!

Where do you get a moon stone in heartgold?

you can get them by going to mt moon on a Monday night you will then see a bunch of cleffairy dance they will then see you and run of leaving a moonstone behind this will happen every Monday night you can also get them by talking to bills grandfather if he wants to see a certain Pokemon

What is the yellow Pokemon that bills granpa wants in Pokemon soul silver?

if its the third one that is a super popular yellow Pokemon with red cheeks before evolution then its pichu.

How can you change from a school kid in Pokemon HeartGold?

There is a Pokemon center below sprout tower if you talk to someone in it they will ask if your character wants to be a different type (psychic, school kid, ect)

Where do you go to trade Abra for mrmime in Pokemon HeartGold?

The original player in-game that allowed you to trade your Abra for his or her Mr. Mime is no longer offering that game in Pokémon HeartGold so you will need to find a real person that wants an Abra in exchange for their Mr. Mime.

How do you get the doll in Pokemon HeartGold?

if you mean the clefairy doll go talk to the girl who wants it in saffron city (she is in the colourful house) then go to the Pokemon fan club and the guy next to the statue will give it back to you the lastly go back to saffron and give it back