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From the Pokecenter in Celadon City, you will go down a little bit and you'll find buildings on the left and the right. Enter the first building on the left and go straight to the back of the casino. There you will find Team Rocket, talk to them and they will run away. Then approach and interact with the poster that is on the wall right where they were. A switch should activate and a door opens that will take you into Team Rockets base.

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Q: Where can you team rocket in celadon city?
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How do you get in team rocket's base in firer ed?

Celadon City you will need to battle the Rocket infront of the poster in Celadon Game corner.

How do you get to safron city on Pokemon Yellow?

You need to first clear the Team Rocket Hideout in Celadon city.

How do you beat the ghost gaurding the top floor on Pokemon leaf green?

Get the scliph from team rocket in celadon city get the silph scope from the team rocket hideout in celadon city NOTE(it is at the gamecorner), to get to the hideout, talk to the rocket guarding the poster and beat him, he will run east, follow him to a door

Where is the TM 02 Razor Wind in Pokemon Yellow?

In the Team Rocket Hideout in Celadon City.

How do you get see the ghost on FireRed?

You need to get the Silph Scope from the Team Rocket Hideout in Celadon City.

Where is team rocket hide out?

celadon city game corner in kanto and the mahogany town shop in johto

How do you get to team rocket boss?

he's on the first floor in the game room in celadon city and go go to the poster that team rocket was by and press the Abutton

Where is team rocket in lavender city?

They are at the top of the Pokemon Tower. In order to get there though, you need to get the silph scope from Celadon city. It can be found in the basement of the Rocket Game Corner.

Where is Givoanni in Pokemon LeafGreen?

He's first at the team rocket hideout in celadon city, then silph co, then the viridian city gym.

Where is team rocket hide out in Pokemon FireRed?

It is in celadon city arcade . Go to the paper on the wall, press it and done

Where to get the march badge in LeafGreen?

you get it in saffron city after you beat team rocket in celadon game corner and at silph corp.

Where is TM ice beam in Pokemon fire red?

That is available in Team Rocket Game Corner in celadon city